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As seen below why is the happening? I followed the substance designer tutorial for the rusted metal flooring. Why is the material being blown up as seen in the second image? If somebody were to purchase a substance off the UE4 marketplace and want to drag it onto a floor mesh created out of bps cube they would be pretty unsatisfied with this result. So I'm still trying to learn, what am I missing here?

The video on this link describes what to do to fix the issue. In many of the videos I've watched for learning how to create substances for UE4 this is something that is left out, yet somewhat important to new users. Also I see people mentioning to add a transform 2d node, but that is being vague. Tell me where to add it. It makes it hard to learn anything when people are so generic in their explanations as if everyone is already at the same level they are.

Hello Nathan,
Sorry to hear that you had trouble with getting the results you wanted! What you are looking for is tiling and you indeed found the solution in the video you linked. You can add a TexCoord node which you can pass to the UV parameter of a texture sampler within a material to get the tiling effect you desire. This is a feature we support by default in our Unity integration and a feature that will be supported by our UE4 plugin in the near future. If we can help with anything else, please let us know!  :D
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