Author Topic: Feature Request - Texture Packing  (Read 2052 times)

Hi devs! Thanks for everything you do! Question...

Will there be support for texture packing with Player in the future? Will there ever be Export Presets?

The option to export the textures generated by the substance, after having tweaked exposed parameters in player, is important to what I'm trying to achieve. This is not at the request of a client, but a concern on my end as to the future sale-ability of my created models and substances to future clients.

When trying to warm any client up to the idea of using substances in their workflow, it would be helpful to allow the client the breathing room of being able to bake substance archives down into static bitmaps and move in a backwards compatible direction that they are used to.

If I'm going to sell the pliability of a "substance creature" versus a "static baked textures creature", it would help if clients could fall back on static baked textures that they can generate themselves if desired in Player. If I had to generate the static baked textures, then every time there is a change, I would have to run it through my system and send it back. That creates a dependency I'm not really all about. I also can't expect any clients to have image processing software capable of channeling the images correctly, not to mention they'd have to learn how to do that. Substance Player would be an excellent software for the client, as it would only perform what the client needs and is directly related to the substance file (not just an image editing software).

An example client uses Unity, but may not want the fluff that comes with using a substance on a 3D mesh, such as computation of maps on startup or the generation of several outputs textures in the background. The client is excited about the idea of being able to alter textures, essentially, but maybe they prefer their simplified 3map-in format. Having a way for the client to generate Unity compatible maps, based on the sbsar file I've given them, would be super useful.

I've solved this issue. It was not a problem with Substance Player, rather an additional output needed via Substance Designer.