Author Topic: SubstanceInstanceFactory uasset modified everytime CreateGraphInstance is called  (Read 1748 times)

Everytime I call CreateGraphInstance or DuplicateGraphInstance, parent SubstanceInstanceFactory uasset is modified, prompting for source control checkout which is very annoying.
Am I the only one experiencing it?
Any comment is much appreciated as this issue is driving me crazy already.

Edit: This happens on UE 4.14.1 and Substance plugin
Edit2: Same thing happens on UE 4.14.1 and Substance plugin
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Hello przemyslawlis,
I noticed this the other day myself and completely agree! This is indeed a bug and has since been fixed. =)
It will be available in the next update. Thank you for the feedback!
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Hi Dan,
Thanks a lot for your prompt answer. Great to hear that!
Is the change available publicly already on the plugin github repository?

Sadly, no. However, it will be available soon! I will post a reply as soon as it is available. =)
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Updates Released! =D
If you are still running into this issue, please let me know!,14638.0.html
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