Author Topic: Photoshop missing custom color space profile?  (Read 2217 times)


Hey all,

I've exporting a test asset from Painter to Photoshop via the exporter button. Having watched the Youtube video, my expectation was that the normal map file should have a custom color profile assigned. That is not the case. It is marked as "not managed". I have confirmed my color settings are to preserve all embedded color profiles. In fact, the diffuse doc shows up correctly with custom color management.

Is the expectation different for the normal map versus the diffuse map?
Has the expected workflow changed since the video?
Is there a profile I can select from the pop up list in Photoshop to align with Painter?
Is there something I need to configure to make sure the custom profile is assigned as planned?

I expect this to be user error since I'm just starting to mess around with this but thought I would ask for some guidance on what to check.  :D

Photoshop CC 2017.0.0
Painter 2.4.1

hey, normal map are expôrted as linear while base color are exported in srgb.
Just make sure Photoshop doesn't try to apply its own color profile (which could happen).


Yup. I've confirmed that Pshop isn't doing any adjustments. And understood it's in linear space.

Should the Normal map be showing up with a custom Color Profile? Maybe I misunderstood the video...

can you share the YT link ?


Sorry for the delay.

This is the video and the bit I was mentioning.

Perhaps I misunderstood. It sounds like ONLY diffuse / base color will get a custom profile? And Normal maps and any masked or single channel layers will not?

Hopefully you won't read this for couple days. Happy holidays! :)