Author Topic: Ways to control height intensity going into normal node  (Read 2183 times)

Hey guys. Got another question here. Recently I've been trying to make a shape preset for a half sphere. Something like the pic attached. But the problem is, as you can see to get this shape I have to crank the normal intensity way up. So I'm not sure how I would create a height shape (black to white) to be later used as a normal map. Like say for instance I want to put the height shape into an atlas, then the black and white atlas goes to a normal map node. Obviously I can't crank up the normal node because there are other shapes that would be affected.

So I guess what I'm asking is there any way to control the intensity of a black and white image before it goes into a normal map node. I've already tried a levels node and all the histogram nodes and none do anything because I guess the gradient is just too soft?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Hey, playing with the normal value is the way to proceed (a value between 20 and 50 is quite normal, even if you have to ajust for each case)

if you want to merge multiple shape, you can think of generating their normal maps first then combine them together.

or you can use a level node (or a histogram range node) to control the intensity of each grayscale. then combine and convert to normal