Author Topic: solo baked maps as diffuse  (Read 1547 times)

i have baked my maps and would like to do some touchup on curvature but have not found a way to load it into a paint layer to paint on it directly.

in mudbox this is called 'solo as diffuse'

how do i do that in sp?

thank you:)

It will not be as straightforward as you would like, but still possible. Be aware that this is a workaround, so it may look a bit tricky and/or confusing at first.

Create a fill layer, RMB on it and select Add bitmap mask, then choose a Curvature map from the pop-up window. Your curvature map will be added as a mask to this fill layer. To view it in Solo mode, use Alt+LMB on the mask in the layer stack - viewport should change and it will say Mask in top left corner.

To be able to paint over your mask with brushes you would have to add a Paint effect to this mask and locate it above the Fill effect. When you're done with changes you want in curvature map, RMB on the mask in layer stack and use Export mask to file, then bring this file back into SP and use it as a curvature map.

Note that you can do pretty much the same without using the mask — in that case just use a Fill layer with curvature map plugged-in to the base color channel. To Solo it, disable all other layers and hit "C" hotkey to display Base Color channel. You would have to go through the Export Textures dialog to get your changed curvature map exported from SP, so this is a bit less convenient than just using the workaround involving Mask manipulation as I wrote above.

Another approach would be to add a custom channel to your document and use it to store your curvature map inside the layer stack and paint over it. The procedure would be pretty much the same as with a Fill layer.

My favorite approach is through the Mask  :)

Hope that helps.

that really helps