Author Topic: How do I import a material in "read only" mode?  (Read 3152 times)

Forgive me I am completely new to substance painter and am using a student license.

Basically, I just want to import a substance material that is a .sbsar file and I am stuck in read only mode.

The "file>import substance" option is unavailable, nor can I drag and drop the material in either. Turns out in the 2.4.1 update you cannot "file>import a substance" in read only mode. My substance painter is running in read only mode. I have been searching for hours for any information on how to disable read only mode, or how to import a material in read only mode-but have found nothing, bringing me here.

How do I disable read only mode? Is the student license set to read only mode by default, therefore cannot be disabled? and if I am stuck with this read only mode, how am I supposed to import a material in?

Any help would be seriously appreciated!
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Disregard - misunderstood issue.
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did you try to run SP as admin to see if it changes anything?
Do you think you can share the sbsar ?

Thank you for the response!

I just ran it as administrator and still have the same problem. I have attached a screenshot of what substance looks like before I create a project; it doesn't say "read-only" in the top red bar at this point, but the "import substance"/drag drop material is still unavailable.
Then I have attached a screen shot of what things look like once I create a project; the "read-only" then shows up in the top red bar.

Also attached the material I was trying to use, as well as the link to where I downloaded it from. But I don't think the problem is with the material-I can't import any material what so ever..

Link to the substance share page I got the material from:
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it doesn't seem related to the sbsar as it works for me..
@Jeremie Noguer do you have an idea ?

What happens if you clik on that "Import resources" button?
Did you try saving your project soewhere before importing the material?
Also can you make sure you have admin privileges over your documrnts folder as that's where imported assets are saved by default?