Author Topic: Textures in the shelf.  (Read 2506 times)

Excuse me for asking, but may i know, how can i use these textures in the shelf? They're all purple, like Normal maps. Should i use them with Projection tool? If so, is it possible to paint them with color or material? Once again, sorry for my low knowledge, i am only a beginner.

Hey, could you post a picture of your shelf to make sure we understadnd your issue ?

Here it is.

if you add a normal map channel, you can create a new layer and use these image directly in the normal slot.

Well, there's no way to use it in the Color channel?

you can, but it will be purple :-)

Ok, i think i should deal with it.
Also, where can i post such questions? It's okay if i'll do it in Discussions section?

yes but i just noticed that it's Substance Painter related while you place it in Substance Designer: I am going to move it.

My apologies. Thank you.