Author Topic: Depth map out of the 3d viewport?  (Read 877 times)

Anyone know of a way to do this? It has some useful things under mesh info, but I'd like to get a depth map or simple height map out of that viewport.

Also, is there something that we have to do to get alphas to work properly when saving images out from the viewport?

My best guess would be that you'll have to write or get a custom GLSL shader to visualize depth inside the viewport (SD supports custom shaders). In theory it should be possible, but this is not my field of expertise, so I can't help with this further.

As for the alpha from the viewport images - seems that OpenGL renderer doesn't save alpha, while Iray does. May be a missing feature. If that's the case — it can't be helped unless Allegorithmic implements this feature in SD, or you'll have to use Iray to get rendered images with alpha channel.

Writing this I did some test and found that even with Iray SD sometimes  refuses to save images with alpha. For example, it will only save it if Postprocessing is enabled and only first time you use Save Render (on second use it'll save same image without alpha). I think it's a bug, and I will file a report for this. You may be interested to look to this thread:,14272.0.html
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My thoughts exactly on the custom shader, I've been diving into that world, and have run into other issues as I'm mostly an artist, if anyone reading this that can create a shader as such, please contact me! I can compensate.

For the alpha support, I think we were running similar tests, and came to similar conclusions, might be a feature request or a bug? not sure.

Thank you for the response sir :)