Author Topic: Am I missing something?  (Read 2326 times)

Every material I download from the substance source site opens in designer but there is no node tree, or I don't know how to make it visible. I can see previews of all the maps in the drop down on the left but can't output anything. What am I missing here?

Materials in Substance Source for non-studio licensees are availble only in SBSAR file format, which in fact is a "compiled" version of substance graph. You can't open it to view the graph, because there is no source files for the graph inside it. For viewing the graph, you would need a .SBS (Substance Source) file, which most unfortunately are only available to users of Studio license. This is a bit funny how new service is called "Substance Source", but you don't get the source.  ;D

To use a material from the Source, you have two options:

1) Add them to your Library and then use it as any other Instanced node, i.e. locate your material in the Library and drag&drop it inside your graph. You'll see the material with outputs available to you. Connect them to your graph outputs and you'll see the material in the viewport.

2) Open SBSAR package inside the SD. You will not see the nodes inside the Graph window, but the graph itself will be available for you inside the Explorer panel. From there, you can drag&drop it to another graph to use the material.
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