Author Topic: Maya And Substance Painter?  (Read 9367 times)

Ayyyy, so I saw Substance Painter 2.0 about a week ago, and HOLY SHIT. I NEED IT. I've never witnessed a more beautiful texturing program in my life. I just have one hot question in my mind though. I'm sure they made this information painfully obvious somewhere on their website, but I haven't found it.


-Are you able to transfer models from Maya into Substance painter? And once done painting a model in Substance painter, can you transfer the texure back to maya along with the model? How well does this work?

-What other programs is Substance Painter 2.0 compatible with??

Yes. To use Substance Painter, you'll have to provide it with a UV-mapped and unwrapped model, exported from your 3D package of choice either in FBX or OBJ format. Naturally, Maya is supported, as well as any other software package capable of export in this formats — 3Ds Max, Blender, Cinema4D, MODO to name a few.

As for getting textures back into Maya — yes, it is possible. You will just export your textures from Substance Painter and use them inside Maya as any other bitmap textures. You don't need to export a model itself from Substance Painter, as this is not the workflow — only model import is supported in Painter.

Be aware, though, that objects textured with Substance Painter most often is rendered/presented inside the Substance Painter itself, or through the game engines like Unity/Unreal Engine 4, or Marmoset Toolbag. You absolutely can get your textures back into Maya, but it's will not be just as easy to get your objects look exactly the same in Maya as they will look in Painter and mentioned above engines — well, at least if you'll be working in one of PBR workflow. You will need a specific shader to match the look in Maya (to create visual parity between Maya and Substance Painter). There is one now in Maya that ships along with the Stingray engine, but I can't comment on how good it is and how to set it up correctly.

Good luck!