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Hi every body!

I've juste finished my work. I was totaly inspired by this awesome artwork that i have found on cghub but i cant remember the artist name.
And i cant find him since cghub has gone. 
 (you can see it at the end of the post)

Its not realy a lowpoly thing. I just wanted to enjoy the texture work and try Substance Painter!
There is just one diffuse map. No more

I can tell that this soft is Awesome!! I can no more work with something else.
I think he could be more stable. But even if its a beta! Wow! Guys! Thanks for this!

I have the impression of painting a action figure!

A cool thing to add will be the ability to import an artwork or a reference and pick colors in it.

I hope that you enjoyed this little thing as much as i enjoyed to do it!

Now i start my Titan ^^

See you soon!


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You can see my work here.

I'm always looking for good working opportunities

Amazing work!

Merci! ^^
You can see my work here.

I'm always looking for good working opportunities

Great work!  Awesome job!

Truly remarkable job ! Congrats !

Absolutely love this. Bravo. Actually was the deciding factor for my purchase. Much of the work I wish to do is non photo realistic or 'hyper-real' with a slant towards fantastical and hand painted. This was the best example I've seen.  I was concerned that the output from SD/SP would be more sterile/realistic.

It's beautiful! It is indeed really great to see some quality art done in Substance Painter with a nice colorful hand painted look.

Great design execution. A keen eye as they say.