Author Topic: How to get rid of a preview watermark?  (Read 4306 times)


the question is stated above. The substance in question is

I noticed the watermark when I tiled it up (enlarged it) while also using a parallax occlusion mapping. The watermark says "Preview"

Hello ryuxq,

We updated the sbsar at some point (just after the launch) to fix some things on this side, is your sbsar file up to date?
I quickly checked it and everything seems to be ok, do you have more info about this please ?
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Here you can see it in action:

Each configuration is followed with its respective result.

While a negative height ratio (third picture) is surely not a desired value, this non the less shows that the term Preview is cooked into the material.

Edit: I updated the downloaded sbar just to be sure. And the result remains. There is still this kinda watermark.
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The "Preview" you see actually comes form UE4 and not from Substance. This is an overlay it displays on top of objects when the lighting hasn't been baked or has been invalidated.

Oh thats a good point :O

I rarely build lighting. I did as you implied and its gone. I wasnt even aware of this quirk. Thank you!
I guess the problem has been solved? :D