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I re installed the plugin this morning and VRAY is working well.

The only issue I am getting, is on my own Substance, the diffuse base color is set to a Grey.  The Texture from the loaded graph is still coming in but the Grey gets multiplied (maybe or Added not sure) and effects the diffuse color. If I change it to pure black the texture comes in just fine.

When I use the Vray interactive mode  (non Vray RT).....shader goes to Black shiny version, during this mode...  final render works fine.

3d max View port note
Ok I was about to make a note about speed of viewport to texture. 
But it looks like substance source materials update pretty efficiently. Of course smaller ouputs update the fastest.

If you make your own substance without the Substance Output Settings it looks like it take a while to update in the 3d max view port   (about 20-35 sec) when you mess around with setting and other things.

Where do you expose the output settings in Substance designer??

As I wrote earlier, new beta plugin don't work:

Now Opacity output in beta plugin is disabled. When I enable it, render is totally black.

P.S. I use "Metal Mesh Oblong" free file from Substance Source.

Agreed, most things are working with the converter for VRAY.

But the opactiy channel does not get linked and when I link it manually, no data moves to the channel.

Older version does allow for opacity channel to move over.

Hey @danielmn,
Thank you so much for the feedback. I have tickets in to further investigate the following:
-When setting the opacity channel in a vray material to a Substance output, the texture is not set
-Opacity is not automatically handled with the Substance to Vray workflow
-Grey value for the diffuse channel is getting multiplied. When set to black, the final result is as intended but black/shiny output in the viewport.

There is a current workaround for Vray opacity. If you pass the Substance output opacity map into a color a ColorMap and pass and use that output as opacity, it will work as intended.

Edit: The Substance to Vray workflow has been updated to include opacity maps and will be available in the next update.

Cheers!  :D
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Looks like I may be the first to report this issue?  When I try to run the updater, the window to "Select components to install" is empty, and the "Space required" shows 0.0kb.  I click 'Install' anyway, and get the window you see to the right (see attached image).

Any ideas?

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In the past I've found Substance metals to be the most problematic when converted to VRay so after installing the latest plugin and viewing the (excellent) video, I tried out the new plugin on a randomly selected Substance  metal, 'Grid-Futuristic' in this instance. Using the plugin and VRay conversion I get the following:

And using the 'Substance PBR to VRay mat' tool, I get the following:

The  'Substance PBR to VRay mat' too build reflects the expected  image as per the Substance Source library, so I'm not sure what the problem is. Fyi I get the same results using both copies of 3ds Max 2018 and Vray.

Hi @devbiker,
The new plugin only offers support for 3ds Max 2018. The future version of 3ds Max will also be supported.

Hi @Sripeter,
Thank you for this feedback! Improvements to the Vray workflow are coming and will be available in an upcoming plugin release.  :D

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@Dan Stover:  I saw the following earlier in the thread, so I thought it was available for r2015 too.

Hi Wes,

Will you also compile the plugin for 3dsMax 2015 or 2016?

Thank you

Oups, I asked the question before installing the plugin. Both these versions are in the installer. Thanks a lot for that ;)

@Dan Stover:  I saw the following earlier in the thread, so I thought it was available for r2015 too.

Hi Wes,

Will you also compile the plugin for 3dsMax 2015 or 2016?

Thank you

Oups, I asked the question before installing the plugin. Both these versions are in the installer. Thanks a lot for that ;)

Hi @devbiker,
This thread might be misleading. This is actually the thread for the beta updater. The updater installer linked in the original post in this thread is an installer to update the original Substance plugin to support .sbsar files from the more recent versions of Substance Designer.

I will update this.  :D

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I came to report two problems. Looks like the first is reported above: The Substance2.SubstanceFilePath isn't remembered in saved files.

The second issue is that while doing tests to update some scripts to use Substance2() instead of Substance() when installed is that the memory usage seems to go crazy high. The functions in question simply generate material libraries using Bitmap2Material. When using normal Substance, the memory usage does not go very high (55% in my case). The same functions using Substance2() will end up using 98% of my system memory.

Likewise, opening a Material Library using Substance2() ends up using all system memory. Opening a Material Library with two standard materials using Substance2 textures uses up all of my memory.

Hi @wallworm,
Thank you for the report/feedback! I have put two tickets in to fix the file path being lost on save and another ticket to investigate the memory usage. I will update here when I know more.  :D

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I just noticed a small bug... When you type in the parameters for the Substance 2 plugin.... you can only type to the tenth decimal point.   Slider works fine and arrow functions works work to the hundereth decimal point

So I hit a problem when testing out the Metal Substance with the newest Substanc 2 plugin to vray script.

I was able to fix by plugging in a default color correction node into the base color and glossiness paths  I didnt need to adjust any settings and it looks to have fix the problem.   I am unsure if it might need a slight gamma or gain adjustment from here, but this giving me a more accurate result.

Thank You, danielmn, this helped!