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Anyone know what is wrong or have the same issues?

Every time I start up Substance Painter 2, it has to general thumbnails and materials and everything and it takes 15 to 20 minutes each time. It is getting pretty annoying as I see no reason why the thumbnails have to keep generating.
I never had this problem with Substance Painter 1 or any version before 2.0.

I looked at the previous thread from 2015 and none of those options help. I do have about 20 custom substance materials from Substance Source, and Substance share, but is that too much to handle? Painter 1.x had no problem with over 25+ custom materials.

I completely removed all of the Substance Painter 1 installation and content, but that didn't seem to help.

My computer specs are:
i7 4790k 4.00Ghz 4 Core 8 Processes
2x Nvidia GTX 970 SSC running in Sli
500GB Samsung SSD
34" Ultrawide LG 3440 X 1440 Display

The log only shows a total generation time of about 25 seconds.
Can you identify which materials and assets take a long time to re-generate?

All the Materials and Smart Materials that come with Painter 2 as well as a few addition from Source.
Once I open Painter 2, I click on Materials and you know the thumbnails are gone and just show the round arrow symbols and I have to wait for each sphere thumbnail to load. If I try to load a project the mesh gets loading but the materials I used for the project don't load either. So I must wait till each thumbnail is loaded to continue working which takes about 15 minutes each time.

Heres a screenshot of what it looks like every time I open Painter 2:


Hi, first off I love Painter, I want that known.. :)
I decided that I have to write a comment since I have similar issues to this thread.
1.  Laptop;  i7, 8threads @ 3.2Ghz, 16GB ram, gtx970m 3GB (most recent drivers). 1080P
2. This also occurs on my desktop  which is of better specs. 2560*1440
I also see this as an across the board issue as there's several posts about this going back to before v1.
..**But let me add in; I get it, there is alot happening to create those "thumbnails we cant have" and add in that most people have large shelf file systems..(I have one that is over 10GB and I do *not keep texture libraries of mine, in this shelf.) So, I need to find a way to visually sort the Substance assets. Now please know this..I WANT to sort this massive shelf, as well as the smaller so I only need to import the needed Substance asset files for each project. AKA: optimized workflow.. but there is no simple way to do this (*YET).
Please refer to my post about a new product that is exactly what Substance's Ecosystem needs and needs it asap. Link to forum post.
- I have some brilliant ideas to make Substance, as a whole Ecosystem, much more easy to understand and manage for users through to studio managers/owners.
Soo, back on topic,
I spent half of the day getting 2.5.1 to appreciate my shelf..crashes + black magic for finding files that are not  liked by 2.51 so much as 2.5.1 crashes instead of ignoring the file and logging the details. ..and the log file ignores these crashes, as well as the debugging is giving me nothing to go on.. *sigh*.
It took hours to render all of the "thumbnails I can't have".. I think 3.5 hours in total.
It gets strange..Painter sometimes decides to regenerate certain thumbnails.
(sometimes)It gets even stranger!!!! -> when I am working on a project, Painter will begin to refuse loading thumbnails.. and sooner or later Substance is eating 4GB of ram and nearly refusing to work for me(no this is not a heating issue, it's all related to regenerating thumbnails).
**I blame this 100% on too big of a shelf.** Mostly My fault but I also want to give some blame to you guys, ok ? hehehe :P  ..We need a way to manage all of the awesomeness that we and our teams/staffs create..and I have the idea that we all know we all need.  My idea can save everyone from shelf chaos while also making life so much easier on teams/staffs/etc.

 So let's talk about my idea for a  8)new Substance product that everyone wants, they may not know it yet. ;)   [[ see thread linked above]]

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I am having the same issue and I have had it for a couple of months. Mine won't load even after 20+ minutes though either.

Intel i5-4460 3.20 GHz 12288MB RAM Direct X 12
NVIDIA GeForce GT 740

Same issue here, and its starting to annoy me and its greatly slowing my workflow...

Each time i start the program it needs to rebuild the thumbnails.

I really hate this.

when I am working on a project, Painter will begin to refuse loading thumbnails.. and sooner or later Substance is eating 4GB of ram and nearly refusing to work for me

Im also getting this. I have 32Ram and there is a moment always where i need to realod the program. And then, it starts to making the thumbnails again...
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Im investigating this, looking for wrong file formats n the wrong directory.
AS far as i can see:

- SBSAR (substance) go into "Documents\Substance Painter\shelf\materials"
 - SPPR (material presets) go into "Documents\Substance Painter\shelf\presets\materials"
 - SPSM (smart materials) go into "D:\DATA\Documents\Substance Painter\shelf\smart-materials"

Ok, and where do the png and such files go? because i have images in my materials folder.

The thing is, if i open the "materials" section, i have tons of them. I let it creating the thumnails, scroll down, let it again.... so when i reach the final part all of them have been created. But then, if i scroll up again to the top... those first ones are again blank and it creates them again.....

AND then if i change the section (to "alphas" for example, and go again to materials, they all are erased and need again to create... all of them.............
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I have this problem too!  Why the heck dont the @#$ materials stay loaded anyway?  Cant the application save those out somewhere and only sync them or something?  Seriously Allegorithmic, this is an issue that needs to be addressed.  Some of us have a LOT of materials and we want it this way, what we dont want is indefinite "loading loading loading". 

Other than this issue, I LOVE Substance Painter  - it has really revolutionized my workflow and output!

My PC info (in case it is helpful or relevant)
CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790K CPU @ 4.00GHz (3997.69 MHz)
Memory: 16325 MB
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit (Build 14393)
Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 970/PCIe/SSE2

Windows Graphics Driver Version: 21.21.0013.7595
OpenGL Version: 4.5.0 NVIDIA 376.53

Ok, so i had some files in the wrong directory. I cleaned all of it and now when all the thumbnails are created, they stay... or it seems so.

But the main problem is still there. If i close and reopen the program, it needs to create them all... again.
And i dont know what more i can try.

My system:

Windows 10
i7 5820K
Ram 32
GPU: 980Ti
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Hi everybody,

I investigate about your issue.
Please, could you try to increase the Local Cache Budget in Edit > Preferences > Preview options

If the cache budget is too low, thumbnails are recalculated each time you launch.

Best regards,

QA Analyst and Technical Artist at Allegorithmic

Not working.

Hi everybody,

To investigate on your issue, i need you to do these steps.

A- Creating Dump File

1- Launch Painter
2- Open the Windows Task Manager
3- Go to Process panel
4- Right Clic on Substance Painter Apps
5- Create dump file

B- Exporting DxDiag File

C- Furthermore, could you Compress your shelf folder in zip and send me your zip file in PM, please.

Best regards,

QA Analyst and Technical Artist at Allegorithmic

Was there ever an actual solution to this?  All the forums here are dead ends.  When can we actually expect Painter to run good?  I don't have a beast of a computer but all my other apps run well.

Most if not all known shelf loading issues have been solved since the last message in this thread.
If you have a shelf loading issue, I would recommend creating a new thread with details about the issue and a log file.