Author Topic: Problems Exporting Normal Maps  (Read 771 times)

So I've updated Substance Painter to the latest version (mine was a couple of months out of date) and I'm having a lot of trouble with my normal map workflow now.

Before I would:
Bake my maps
Add height
Export the new normal map
Reimport it then bake with world space normal and curvature ticked

Now when I try the same in the new version of Substance Painter, it only exports my height and not the combination of the Baked Normal. So I have to add a normal channel, create a new layer and put my normal map in it and set it to normal, disable normal and height on my materials (because it seems to be super extreme and messes up my normal) then it will sometimes combine but uuurggghh.. but it's been frustrating me.

I hope I'm being very silly and I'm totally missing something or exporting it wrong. But I need some help, everything just seems to be ridiculously complicated now.

It also seems to be a lot slower for me :( so with my messed up workflow + it being slow is making everything take 10x longer

Can you make sure the Normal Mixing setting in your TextureSet Settings window is set to Combine?