Author Topic: making "Flowing Lava (Animated)" from Substance Share work in UE4  (Read 3233 times)

Hi, the item in question is

using substance player you can see the animation, but how do you use it in UE4 (I have the Substance Plugin for UE4).

When playing the animation in Substance Player, all I have to do is change "main flow speed" parameter to something other than 0, and then go to the timeline and press Play.

When I import the .sbsar file, I just don't know how to make it work. The original author of the substance said this in her comment section:

"If you want to see it animated, you have to launch the sbsar or publish the sbs in player. It will detect the "time" function and create a timeline.
So, like in 3dsMax, you go at end of timeline and change an exposed parameter, it will create a key.
If you want to render output animated, export it from player with animation you will do.
Hope it's help.
Cheers and thanks for Download man"

Could you help me please?

P.S. the author said she got this working in Unity, also in the comment section of her substance on s.share.


Hello John,
Vincent's post was actually correct! You can set the float '$time' input value from an animated substance graph with the and updated time variable increased each frame by delta time. This is unclear at the moment and will be improved upon in the near future. I have included a reference image below.

I also would like to apologize because Vincent's post had the correct answer and as I went to respond, I mistakenly deleted his post. If you have any further trouble, let us know and we would be happy to help!  :D

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wow thanks, I am going to try it out right away!