Author Topic: Questions on using substances vs. normal materials / material instances in UE4  (Read 1811 times)

Hey guys. I just have some questions on this topic. My main concern is the performance cost of substances used in a real time environment rather than using a UE4 material and creating instances off of that. Say for example I create a substance (sbsar) called Forest rock. I intend to use this sbsar for all the rocks in my forest level. The implementation I want to have is have rock of different tint, some with moss on it, some with no moss, and so on. So I want all these options built into that one sbsar. If I want to do this with bringing this sbsar into UE4, the only way I see the possibility of having all these different "instances" (have all these different rocks in the level at the same time) of that sbsar is in fact creating a lot of graph instances from the substance factory file. The problem with that is it creates the textures for each graph instances rather than what using UE4 instances from one material where the performance and disk space would not be as severe. (Instances don't output all the textures of the material on top of the material itself If I'm understand them right).

I've also seen tutorial videos where the person creates graph instances and a normal material instance as well from the sbsar, but that just like a headache to keep track of what is doing what.

So I ask anyone who has used sbsar's in a real world setting, how did you implement them?

Thanks for any help, guys.
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