Author Topic: Making a switch for the Make It Tile Photo node  (Read 4340 times)

I was wondering if someone could explain if (and how) it's possible to have the end user decide whether they want to tile their input in Unity. I want them to select a bitmap as input and then have the ability to make it tile or not. Sometimes our artists paint very correct bitmaps in Photoshop that tile perfectly. Other times they just use a non tiling bitmap and I want to expose the Make It Tile Photo parameters in Unity.

I just can't figure out how to set up the switch to decide whether or not the Make It Tile Photo node should be used or not.

Any help is appreciated.

Use a blend node set to the switch mode, and create a custom function to expose this. The process is very similar to the switch node in FX-map graphs -- which you can see demonstrated in this video:

Thanks for the very swift reply Jason. I forgot you could choose Input Image as a pattern for the Quadrant node.

It's working like charm now :)