Author Topic: Too Many Nodes running Susbtance Designer?  (Read 1960 times)

As you can see in the picture, its not letting me use substance designer.

I have 2 computers, one laptop one desktop, both on the same IP. I've never even used both with substance designer at the same time. And its been over a month since I've used substance designer on my laptop, plus its not even turned on, and hasn't been for at least a week.
Why am I not able to use it? Is someone else using my account, or the same serial number?


Are you by any chance using Substance Painter at the same time, on the same computer?

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I was but it was still happening after I closed it, it never used to be like that did they change it?

Hi, it seems that Substance Designer is detected twice on your Desktop (Both detected instances are on the same computer Addison@DESKTOP-70Q6803).

This shouldn't be possible. Do you have a particular network configuration on your desktop ? Like are you using a VPN or do you have multiple network card on your desktop ?

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