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Hi team,
just got some question.
since contacting the team will take around 2 days.

the question is
what will happen if I buy the package ? and I already have substance painter2 ?

Exact Same question.. Wanting to get Designer + B2M but already have P2  Will this cause conflicts or errors? 

I might end up doing it anyways =D will update if i do..

Just got a answer back from Support..



Yes you can purchase the Indie Pack for $149. You will have another license of Substance Painter, but it's not a problem :)


Nicolas LIATTI
Chief Operating Officer

so to get the picture

if I buy the package I will have two substance painter .

which mean I can install substance painter in another pc since I have 2 license  right ?


Yes you can install the license on another PC, as long as the PC belongs to you.

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