Author Topic: Exported texture maps are turning out very dark  (Read 2885 times)

Hi! I'm a student who is very new to Substance Painter and have been using it to texture some objects that were modelled in Maya 2017. Everything textured correctly in Painter, except when I go to export the maps to bring back into Maya 2017 as an aiStandard material and start plugging the maps in, the material is nearly completely black. The diffuse map is nearly completely black in the image. For the export settings in Painter I've been setting the Config. to Arnold 4 (aiStandard) and the Common Padding to Dilation Infinite. The texture set selected was the default shader assigned in Maya 2017.

I'm not sure if I'm missing a selection in the export settings or if I have something wrong, but any help would be appreciated!

Lighting in Painter is not necessarily the same as in your Maya viewport or render settings.  Basically, now you'll now have to perform "post-production" work.  Meaning you may have to add more lights in your Maya scene, adjust environment exposure levels, render contrasts, use similiar color temperature image based lighting as what you used in Painter (if you want the same lighting values as in Painter), etc.  If still in doubt, post screenshots (Maya scene renders) to get feedback.

Furthermore, you should be able to adjust or boost material settings from Painter in Maya via native shader editing tools.
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