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Is there a way to rotate Substance Source files by 90 degrees?

I am a Substance noob, using Unity to develop a game. I have modeled a building, and applied a wooden parquet substance to the floors. The floor panels go left-to-right, and I would like to rotate them by 90 degrees so that they go up-down. I cannot find an option to rotate the grain of the texture in the inspector panel.

I've read on this forum that .SBS files are not provided, and the official documentation states that .SBSAR nodes cannot be opened for editing (

It seems the only way to rotate the substance would be to re-model the store and/or reset the UV maps. That seems like a lot of extra work for something that (in my opinion) should be a feature of the substance.

Could anyone point me in the right direction? Is this something I would have to request as a feature, or is there a way to modify SBSAR files in Substance Designer without editing their content? Like some sort of post-processing effect.

Hi, I've come across this issue myself every now and then and the way to go is to rotate your UVs which should be fairly simple. Just select the UV shells that make up your floor and rotate them 90 degrees in your UV editor.

While that is indeed a simple solution, it can quickly become tedious.

Consider the following workflow: SketchUp to Blender to Unity. SketchUp is great for modeling buildings/interiors quickly, but lacks a UV mapping feature. Each time I export a model to Blender, I have to find the floors and rotate them. On a multi-level building that requires constant adjustments based on user testing, it turns into a lot of work, for something that really should be a feature of the texture. I'd rather spend my time working on gameplay/content.

Strangely, it seems that some substances do feature a rotation parameter in the inspector. Italian Fieldstone is one that comes to mind. It seems that some substances just don't have that parmeter (e.g. Wood Cherry Floor).

@Jeremie - can we make this a thing? I think that an update to some of the parquet substances to include board/grain orientation would be very useful to your user base. Am I wrong?

I'll see with the other artists if we can add something like that.

This is a big thing for me too - I would love to see 'rotation' a standard parameter on all substances like 'Luminosity' and 'saturation' currently is.