Author Topic: How to delete Edge seams visible?  (Read 3403 times)

hey guys, i have problem with this edges and i don't know how fix it, it would be great if anyone gives me a tip to solve this problem.

I do it applying the material base layer (fabric material in your case) as Tangent wrap mode, not using the UV alignement.

But most importantly, if you want to have a good uv orientations, you have to unwrap uvs and place it at the same direction, for example, if you unrwap a shirt in 2 uv islands, align those 2 islands on the same direction, dont rotate 90 degrees the other uv island or you will have different texture directions when you apply that material, as you can see in your image.

Here is an example:

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tnx for reply buddy, helped a lot, but there's always something wrong with my normal map in substance painter and i've never had this problem when i was texturing in Photoshop.

here's another example.

Have you baked the normal map in substance painter itself? If not, try to bake maps on painter.

 I always bake maps in painter, love the bakes it does, so much better than xnormal, or maybe i don't know how to use xnormal enough.

Another thing could cause this, is, maybe you have a hard edge in there, look at the smoothing groups are correct on the model, just unlink the normal map on the left and look if you still have that hard edge.

no i didn't bake in SP , i did that in xnormal cos SP doesn't work correct for me, i've checked the smoothing group but i doesn't solve.

Just to be sure, before removing the normal map from the Additional maps on the left menu, and leaving only the low poly alone hiding all layers you painted, on that low poly only, you still see that seams? if yes, its not a normal map problem, it has to be something with smoothing groups, or maybe unlinked edges phiscally.

If you don't see any seam on it, then the problem is on the normal map for sure, maybe you didn't applied enough padding on the normal map, or... wait a minute, try to bake the normal map on xnormal with the Y channel inverted, if you did the bake on -Y, do it on +Y, now i don't remember on what normal map orientation works substance painter, on directx or opengl, just try both, mmm no, because I see the shadows correct, on the bottom faces.

well, all what i said in this message is speaking about the last image of the shoe sole, the tshirt its just a bad uv island orientation.

or another thing it could be, is, you used a low poly with hard edges to bake normals, and now you are using a low poly with only one smoothing group in substance painter, that hard edge has been baked into the normal map from xnormals.
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really appreciate it man, i think i don't have enough edge padding for sure, i'm gonna give it a try today. tnx again buddy

No problem, I'm happy to help, and remember, every hard edge, needs to be separated on the UV's, so the sole must be a uv island completely apart from the rest of the shoe.