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Hi there.

Just wanted to say that the new shelf style on Painter is really cool ! Thanks for the improvement !

Cheers !
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Really, you like it?  I can not get used to it and find it extremely uncomfortable.  Was just trying to find a way to return it back the way it was.  I miss the tabs.  The lettering on the left is so darn small and if i make the shelf take less screen space, the list requires scrolling.  I wish i could just toggle between the old tab design and the new one. =(  maybe you know some trick to make it not suck eggs?  At least the list portion should be able to be detached and docked elsewhere....   

You can easily set it up so it looks exactly like the old shelf, just instantiate the presets listed in the main shelf and dock them the way they were with the old shelf.

Well, not exactly, now the tabs locks on the lower border, not at top as before, I was speaking about this here:,13696.0.html

If you work on a cintiq its not as comfortable as before having the tabs at bottom.

But as I say in the last message, I finally got accostumed to the new shelf.
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