Author Topic: multiple texture/material alignment  (Read 621 times)

Howdy everyone. Could someone point me in a direction that might help me figure out how to better match these texures/materials? I have a plane with the main background as a 2K texture. within this are several smaller materials applied to specifc polys of the plane. Painter is treating them as 2k textures, but they will be exported as 512x512, and there is one medium sized square in the middle that will also be a 512x512 texture. I trying to figure out the best way to may all the materials appear as seamless as possible. In UE4, additional 512x512 texture will be composited on top of the squares.

FYI, if I had set up the UVs in 3DS Max to all use the same UV size, then the smaller square would only use a small portion of the UV space for the texture, which creates other problems in that if they are exported as 512x512, look seriously low res, and is I make everything 2k then I have a lot of massive textures.