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Hi. I wanted to know if there is the possibility to choose the type of normal maps (DirectX or OpenGL).
These are some of the files that I downloaded that do not offer the ability to choose the type of normal map:
1: Cherry Wood
2: Desert Sand Smooth
3: Scoria Rock
4: Smooth Limestone
5: Stone Surface Cracked Dark
6: Stone Surface Rough Crack

I opened the files in B2M, but I can not find a command that allows me to choose the type of normal maps. There is only the DirectX version (I am using modo on a Mac).
Thanks for Your help and sorry for my bad English.


Hi Massimo, this is a mistake on our side, we'll update the materials with the right normal maps settings.

Sorry Jeremy. Any news about this problem? I have downloaded other materials, including free ones, and even in some of these there is no option about the normal maps.
Thanks in advance.
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