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My name is Patrick. (aka Scythar)

I'm a N00B at everything, but to stubborn to give up (it's a bit like my english... :) ).

I like to make scenes (no, i am a man, stop grining and continue reading) IN 3D and also i do a little webdesigning. Now, i am in love with your previews of the different materials.

Did you use some special program to make these previews are is it all hard coded (VB, Java or whatever). I think i could come up with a equivalent for the 2D view (something similar to lightbox), but what format is used to make the 3D view?


Along time ago i did once play a little with a program i bought at Daz Studio. It was called Enliven Pro r something. But since then i thought that for some reason no 3D views existed anymore for the web.

Could anyone help or is it just to difficult for a wouldbe artist.


For the 3D previews, we are using Sketchfab.