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I am a newbie with Source, when I imported into UE4 some materials don't have UV tiling (texture coordinate) option, The only way I can change that is to access the MAT and add a texturecoordinate node, but that breaks the instance. What's the best way to get a Source texture to tile?

Thank You!

Hey you can actually use exposed parameters in the shader, this way you can control each instance separately.
Right click in an empty spot and search for "Scalar Parameter" node, or use the node list docked at the right side of the shader editor and drag and drop the node onto the working space.

I've attached an image showing the setup needed to produce this.

I hope this helps you!
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Hello zurhoch,

Thank you for taking your time to reply to my question. I do know how to create a UV tiling parameter for the instance, the issue is that it is not recorded into the instance created by the Substance Plugin.

When I import the new substances (.sbsar format) into Unreal, it asks whether I want to create a mat and instance and I create both, but the instance created by the plugin does not have the option for tiling the texture's UV coordinates. And, if I add nodes to the Mat shader created by the plugin, the instance's parameters break or stop doing anything. If I create an instance using the material, I have the option to adjust the UV coordinates, but I don't have the parameters included with the substance file.
So, I pretty much want to keep the parameters given by the substance file and inject any new parameters created by me. I hope my issue makes more sense.

Thank You.