Author Topic: Making damage states?  (Read 894 times)

Hi all, first time posting -

I'm working on an airship asset that needs a damage state and i was wondering what the best way would be to go about this cuz if I reimport the damaged assets, my layer stack will break. Curious about some good workflows!


The one way you could try to do that is to leverage the power of smart materials and smart masks. However, this requires you to create your materials with intended reusability in mind. There could be issues if your model requires a lot of stuff that you hand-paint into it — this kind of data will not transfer very well to deformed mesh and most likely will not match it.

So, what you could consider is to break your textures into simple reusable smart materials and smart masks that will work on both meshes with little tweaking. Texture the "base state" model trying to use as little hand work with brushes as possible, organize your stack into smart mats/masks, create a new project for the "damaged state" model, re-apply your existing materials and masks, tweak them if necessary, then create any materials that is specific to the damaged state and apply them.

Still, this may not match your specific needs for your project, so I'll be curious to see another suggestions as well.  ::)