Author Topic: Noob question about exporting and workflow  (Read 1140 times)

Hi all,

So I'm quite new to using Substance and 3d packages in general. Long time photobasher, first time in 3d.

I'm trying to create a unified scene with elements from Vue, 3d coat, and substance, I can export a model into substance from 3d coat with really shitty uvs and paint on it.

Any idea how I export the model with materials on it? whenever I load an obj, the textures are gone.

BTW Any suggestions on workflow?.....Would it be better to assemble everything in Unity or Maya or is the render in Vue going to be enough?

Thanks for readin'

After painting in Substance Painter, export the textures.  Import the object into whatever engine you choose to render your scene.  Assign a material  shader to the object.  Load the textures and assign them to the appropriate slots in the shader.