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I am trying to use the multi-layer material like the one used in this video.

The question I have is, can I edit each individual material and its parameters?

I have created custom material in SD, and after I add my material to a layer of "pbr-material-layering" material in SP, no parameters are exposed or at least I have been unable to find out where they are exposed at.  I noticed in the video, Wes only applied each material to a layer, but never modified any material information.  When he did go to the material parameters, he only had options to adjust height, normal and scaling info between layers.


In Material Layering mode, you don't have access to the parameters or inputs of a material. That's because this feature is made primarily for studios and artists working on large projects where material get reused on a lot of assets, so these materials must remain untouched to be shared efficiently.

Perhaps using the standard shaders and exporting the masks will get what you want?



Got it, Thanks!