Author Topic: No Speedtree .srt import option available in compiled 4.1  (Read 3750 times)

Hi all,

I have 2 versions of UE4 4.1 installed.

One is through the UE4 installer and the other is compiled following Allegorithmics instructions.

Both work just fine.
UE4 Installer version has no Substance, Compiled version has Substance.

Now the dilemma:
UE4 installer version has Speedtree .srt import option but the compiled version using Allegorithmics repository does not.

How do i get Speedtree .srt import option integrated into the Allegorithmics compiled version?


Hi nazir.ellahi,

The reason this occurs is because the compiled version of the unreal engine does not have speedtree built in. Since the substance plugin is built from the compiled version, it does not have speedtree either. This is because speedtree operates under a separate license from the Unreal Engine.

Thanks Josh for the info.

Guess it'll be resolved soon!