Author Topic: One Click Export!  (Read 2692 times)

I really like the idea behind Substance Painter, but to be honest using it can be a bit of a nuisance! You can get everything looking perfect inside Substance Painter, but can then look completely different inside the actual 3D software :(

For example the work flow between Substance Painter and rendering with Cinema 4D with Octane. You have to export all the right textures, reimport the OBJ and position it, create a new Octane material and match up all the responding textures, extract the HDR from Substance Painter and import into C4D, tweak the gamma and render settings etc... its a laborious and frustrating task. Im sure for professionals who use it daily it becomes second nature, but for hobbyist like me its not very initiative or flowing.

So my idea would be to implement a 'One Click Export' button so once finished in Substance Painter it can generate a corresponding .C4D file (for example) which includes everything: the object, environment, materials, camera, render settings all perfectly organised such that the render looks exactly the same in both programs. No more faffing around applying materials and tweaking render settings etc! Obviously there might be minor differences using two different render engines but hopefully close enough.

I believe this would save a lot of time (even for pros) and make the workflow much more user friendly 8)