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Hi guys, i have been using substance painter on few weeks ago as my main application for painting and mesh texturing, i can't stress to see how this is trully amazing, but i'm missing some little features that would improve my time with substance painter and make things easier or faster to do.

I don't know if the things i will suggest are already suggested or under consideration/or not, but here we go:

1) select and edit multiple values from multiple layers
This is applies for layer or fill properties values, sometimes i have to change the value of: uv scale, uv offset, uv rotation, projection type, and enable or disable some chanels from multiple layers, today i have to do this one by one... would be faster and more interesting if i can choose a bunch of layers and change all the values at the same time? for made other layers with the same value i can just duplicate, but for edit these layers values is the problem.

2) quick rename layers
this is a cinema 4D feature, when we click on a layer for rename, we can press up or down key to jump for the next or previously layer without leave the rename action

3) transformation tools

sorry for my awful lettering, but would be great if we can use some transformation tools for increase, decrease the size of a texture from a layer or a fill layer, like we 'ctrl+T' in photoshop, this would be used on 2D view but give real time feedback for 3D view

4) lazy mouse for painting
like we have on zbrush: select the range of 'lazyness' and go paint

5) pan textures on fill layer using mouse
again, sorry for my lettering... but would be awesome if we can adjust the position of textures on fill layer by just click on uv and drag to all directions on 2D view, better than adjust the values on uv offset. If not best, i think at least quicker. And let this happen with multiple layers selected.

6) real time feedback of roughness over opacity layers
I know i can just togle the chanel view and see how the roughness is painted over that layer, but can you guys consider show the roughness result over opacity layers for real time feedback on 3D viewport?

7) Better anti aliasing for viewport
Just an option for us turn on or off, the filter AA feels like fxaa and blurry the image too much on my opinion, maybe we can use some SMAA or MSAA options? or TXAA maybe? like we have on marmoset toolbag 2
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4) lazy mouse for painting
like we have on zbrush: select the range of 'lazyness' and go paint

Substance Painter has had this feature since 1.1