Author Topic: can i turn off individual parts of a model whilst painting?  (Read 701 times)


Does anybody know if you can (temporarily) turn off individual sections of a mesh whilst painting? The reason I ask is because they often obscure what Im trying to paint (in the 3d view).  If I give each part its own material when exporting, this lets me show/hide them in the textureset list - but means they get their own textures when I export (which i dont want).

sorry if this is basic question, but I'm still getting to grips with the basics :)

thanks for your help!

You can use masks. There are lots of tutorials on that on allegorithmic YouTube channel.

thanks - I'm not quite sure how you mean?  Im currently using masks to paint away specular etc.   Can i add an extra mask to temporarily hide a hole mesh?

thanks again

That would be with Id map. Create Id map inside your 3d software then use mask with Color Id selection

Hi, yes, Ive exported a colour map which I'm using to mask various parts of my model. Hiding the various layers/masks lets me hide the materials assigned to the model, but Id like to actually parts of the model itself.

This thread I've just found explains what I mean (better than i have :) ) unfortunately I don't think its possible currently