Author Topic: Main shaders and channels list and where to get them  (Read 1024 times)

I was wondering if there is a list of how main shaders and different channels work together. For example if I wanted pbr_spec and rerflection work together? Which main shaders support which channels? I think its brilliant that you can change a main shader for a specific textureset.

One of the powerful things SP has is surely "flexibility" dude! You can modulate your workflow at anytime. You can start from scratch. Define your workflow then add your channels. But make sure to choose "OpenGL" or "DirectX" for you normal map

Yeah, it depends on wich engine you want to use those maps you have created, for example, the metallic-roughness for unity, the metallic map is composed by metallic map goes to RGB layer and alpha is for roughness, and unreal engine is completely different, normals have to be on direct x orientation (inverted yellow cannel) and metallic map is composed by red cannel for ambient occlusion, green channel for roughness and blue channel have the metallic map.

you can see all presets already configured on the export textures dialog, on the configuration tab you can see how all are composed or create new ones if you know what maps distribution uses that program / engine
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