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Hay guys, im having a major issue which I just cannot fix, iv been trying multiple things now but just cant get it to work, its the match by name baking option new to substance. When i do the naming conventions in 3DS Max it bakes just fine but when I do it in May it just produces black normal map bakes, i know this because ill the By Match Name to Anything and itll bake normally then. I have set all the names appropriately (silencer_low, silencer_high) with the transform nodes and shape nodes the same, aswell as set the FBX export option to 2014/2015 but nothing seems to work.

I have screenshots below of my HP and LP naming conventions for export, is there anything wrong with them, to begin with I thought it was to do with the Shape nodes having Shape on the end of the naming conventions, but I change that via the Search and Replace tool so that they match.

EDIT: I have noticed that if I reimport the models back into Maya that the Shape nodes automatically rename to silencer_lowShape etc, instead of how I exported as silencer_low

- High Poly

- Low Poly
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If you try a different file format, what result do you get ?
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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Hmm, I just tried using an imported OBJ as the LP aswell as the HP (it was originally LP fbx and HP obj) and it baked completed fine with Match by Name

EDIT: I just used an exported HP fbx, I didnt realize obj exported everything combined, that was the problem and why the naming conventions were not working
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