Author Topic: Smart materials - matching baked maps between objects and texture reusability  (Read 1348 times)

There seem to be several kinks in reusing textures.

Smart materials lose references to baked maps that are used in fills. It seems that these maps are linked to by name and not by baker/usage (AO, Thickness). As maps are baked with material set names they won't be found when used on another mesh with different materials (at first I expected that Smart material would automatically bake missing maps and whole material would just work).

Changing a mesh to another mesh with matching topology (for asset variants) will not work if the materials have different names - and material can not be retargeted as Texture sets can not be renamed inside Painter. However for example Unity links materials and textures, so in order to reuse texturing in Painter one has to export meshes twice: once for SP with same material names and once for Unity with differing material names. This creates extra work only because SP doesn't allow Texture Set renaming.

Wouldn't both of these problems be gone if Painter allowed Texture Set renaming? Or is there some way to do that already or to force maps in Smart materials to link to baker, not the image file?