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Is there any chance these scripting features will be in the next release?

-Import textures into the shelf.
-Assign textures to specific slots from items on the layer stack.

I really need them to speed up my workflow as there is way too much manual work required right now.

This will be part of our next push on the scripting side of things.


I second this, Substance Painter has lots of options and flexibility to export resources and textures, it would be nice to have similar tools while importing textures... specially now that we can use Udims,

Personally I would like to see:

-Create a project and having an option to setup a base material with imported maps (albedo,roughness,etc..),similar as its at the moment for importing baked maps by using variables like:( $textureset_albedo,etc..) to fill all the slots automatically for each Textureset.

-When we import  textures to  a project , with the same name as previously imported ones ,have an option to decide weather we just want to superseed/update them (so it propagates to all the materials) or add them as new (as its now)

-A way to link to a folder and use again variables to easily update textures on the materials.So for example in a texture slots of a materials have an option to link like: "//project:/textures/AssetName_$textureSet_roughness.jpg" very handy for UDIM workflows.

-Photoshop PSD format  export and IMPORT to  a saved file (not just send to photoshop...)with  the basic  layer structure and masks  of the materials.This would be Awesome.

-Anything that would help integrate Substance Painter in a pipeline not just as a beginning point for texturing but as a 2 way tool (easy input/output of textures)

Just My 2 cents

This will be part of our next push on the scripting side of things.

Greetings from the future! Has this been implemented yet? I can't seem to find it in the docs, and I'm attempting to create a tool for my surfacing department...

I am running into this issue as well and there still doesn't seem to be any way to create a layer and add a texture to it from the api docs ? any updates on how to do this atm