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Hey guys. Fairly new to Substance Painter, and I am loving the product. Diving in head first this last month.

I've encountered a very strange issue. The program is filled with pre-made textures that affect the normal map. Which is great except half of them don't work for me. My understanding of them is that I should be able to drag them on to my material mode for my brush and simply paint them on to my mesh. I've narrowed it down to any texture that has an underscore in the name just doesn't work for me at all. Which is very puzzling. I've uploaded a gif if anyone cares to see.

And I should mention that I can't seem to get any imported textures to work correctly either. Which leads me to believe I'm messing up the steps somehow. But it's frustrating that textures with an underscore in the name require many more steps to somehow utilize them.

I have tried many other steps as well. But before I begin writing a novel, I'm sure somehow already knows how I'm messing this up.
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The "texture" preset in the main shelf window simply isolate all the ressources contained inside the "texture" folder fo the default shelf. It doesn't mean it will only contains texture file (such as bitmaps). For example this folder also contains substance, which explain why you can drag some of them in the material slot of your tool. You can identify the nature of a resource by right clicking on it in the shelf. Only substances can be used as a "material", regular texture must placed in a channel instead.

Can you describe a bit more your issue regarding imported resources ?
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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