Author Topic: lowpoly-mesh normal problem  (Read 1138 times)


i got a huge problem with normals in substance painter2.

here is my "normal-workflow":

- i build an low-poly-mesh in maya 2010-64 bit

- i make 2 copies:
one for the low-poly-base (and triangulate it)
and the other as an high-poly-mesh (i smooth the mesh several times and triangulate it).
.... erverything is shown smooth and nice at the high-poly-mesh in maya

- i go to xnormal
- i load the high-poly and the low poly-mesh
- i adjust the settings (mesh-scale 1.00000 and select "average normals")
- i build an cage with the "ray distance calculator"
- i bake an normal map

- after this i go to substance painter2 and load the low-poly-mesh and the normal map...

but every smoothnes is gone.... and it looks nearly like the low-poly-mesh without any smoothnes.

can anyone give me an advice, where my error (s) sits
(ok..ok...  in front of my screen.. i know ;-)

thanks a lot !!!