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Been working on a big old model for a while now, and one painter file in particular just started killing Painter every time it loads. Nothing peculiar about it, two UDIM tiles with 4k textures on each. I can open other files that share all assets but the mesh, and nothing happened to the file that would corrupt it. Just opened it one day and it started blowing up Painter.

Trouble is, there's a lot of hand painted stuff on the height map that i'd really hate to lose. That was about three days of work to get it just right, and doing it again would be a huge waste of time.

So, is this a fixable "edit this string in the file" sort of fix or is it just fubar?


The good folks at Allegorithmic will be asking for a LOG FILE, and will ask if you submitted a crash report.  Depending on what info that gives them, they may also ask if they can have a copy of your project.

Good luck.
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Alright after some toying, i think i figured it out.

I think the HDRI map i was using got moved or deleted, so now it's hunting for an HDRI map that doesn't exist. I tried putting a moved HDRI in another substance file from a shelf and it crashed every time. So i guess the question is how do i change the HDRI map the scene is using without opening it in painter?

I can't just replace the file because the sky i left in there was on a portable drive, and i don't remember what letter it had at the time. Nor can i just relocate it like any other missing file in a shelf

Kinda suprised there's no "hey idiot your HDRI is missing" dialogue though. Dragging and dropping something from the shelf produces the exact same result, seems like a simple fix.
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Did you send a crash report ? If not please at least attach a log file. See :
The crash report would help us investigate the issue (and confirm if it was related to the environment map or not).
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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Right, attatched the log, thanks for helping