Author Topic: Multi Material Blend - more slots, anyone ?  (Read 1441 times)


Does anyone have a multi mat blend node with more slots ? Its a super tedious task to do, so I'd ask before I start doing it myself.

Second question, do you have any tips for editing xml files ? Any recommendation for xml editor and how to edit SD nodes in it ? Im talking about 255-ish slots.... I will want to assign them specific pre-picked color values for mask.

Third question, did anyone attempt to build master sbs file, with tens or hundreds of materials and single Material/Mesh ID image to assign them to mesh? Then simple batch file to go thru library of meshes to generate textures. Just an idea.



I'd not advise you to make a 255input material blend, it may really kill the performances in SD.
And create a master graph containing hundreds of materials is also not a so good idea.
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Thanks for suggestion.

I think I remember Wes saying that Multi Material Blend is rather efficient and evaluates only requested material. I dont mind if SD performance will be slow, because it will be rather offline texture generation process on the farm.

Would love to hear if anyone has attempted similar approach.