Author Topic: I have to put together the list of bakers again and again  (Read 1160 times)

Hey Substance Team,

in previous versions I put together my list of bakers and just checked/unchecked the bakers I needed and that worked across all projects. Now, when I start a new project the list is empty and i have to put together this list of bakers over and over again. This gets a bit anoying when working with multiple meshes and projects. I want the old lists behavior back.  :)


i also ran into this "problem" today. Since the last bigger update, my Baker is empty on every new Substance.
Before i always had the all the bakers in place. Was also a pretty nice Time-Safer.

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Well i this also a bit annoying with the new baker. The List of Bakers resets it self always when you create a new substance.
In the old baker, all the stuff was still setup. Iam not sure exactly which bakers where listed. From the last created substance or from the substnace you worked on before, but at least, there was a list and it was less clicking.

would be nice to have back :)

but in any case substance designer for the win ;)

Being able to save a "preset" of bakers to use on any project would be awesome!

Being able to save a "preset" of bakers to use on any project would be awesome!

yeah i support this. Right now its not really nice, cause as soon you have a new ID Mesh with Material Workflow (No vertex colors) you need to delete the mesh and reimport it and then setup the new baker again and again.

thats not really handsome. on the old baker everything was perfect.

So right now we need to setup the Baker on a new Substance and on Reimport the Mesh.
The problem is, that baker doesn't detact that there a new ID colors, so we a forced to import the mesh again, after
deleting the old mesh.

Go Allegorithmic Team,

make this happen!