Author Topic: [SOLVED] rotating a 3D mesh in the 3D view  (Read 11291 times)

For some reason my mesh is getting imported rotated through 90 degrees in Substance and Unity (coming from 3DC). Am I right in thinking there's no way to manipulate the mesh itself to flip it back through 90deg to orientate correctly? You have to just move the camera view?
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Hey ivaladesign,

You actually can't rotate a mesh in Substance Designer.
Make sure your object has frozen/zeroed rotations/transforms inside of your 3D Application.
I believe there is the issue with your rotated object.

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Thanks Vincent, by un-checking swap Y & Z scene axes in 3DC I was able to resolve this issue

Hey ivaladesign,

my name is, indeed, not Vincent but I'm glad to help ;)

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No problem :I let Fabian make the job, and I take the credit  ;D

Haha, apologies Fabian, thanks both!

Thanks Robert and John for your help... hm was it Vanessa and .... I'm lost.