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I went to the file downloads in my account to download Substance Designer 3.5 for Mac OS X.

There are 4 files labelled "Substance Designer 3.5 - Mac OS X Edition", except the filenames that go with those descriptions vary from 3_2_0 to 3_2_3. There is no 3_5_0.

There's a Windows Edition with a filename "3_5_0". There are two of those. In fact, there are two copies of all the 3_5_0 files.

There is a 3_5_0.dmg that I guess is the file I should download, except that's labelled "Substance Batch Tools".
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You should see 4 new files in total for SD3.5: 2 for Windows and 2 for Mac.
For Mac, you should download substance_designer_3_5_0_build_11973.dmg and substance_batchtools_1_5_0_build_11991.dmg

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