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Hey guys,

There's a few things I'd like to ask about some editing tools in SD.

-I have a patch of a normal map that I masked out using an SVG node and wanted to stretch/scale the patch horizontally. I used the Transformation 2D node to change the width, but it would affect the whole node. Is it possible to change the size/scale of the transform shape to only affect the size of the patch, and then change the size/scale?

-Not sure if it's happen to others before, but when I was editing an SVG node, there were some cases where I tried to undo some actions in the SVG and wasn't able to. It would undo actions on the graph, but not the ones changed in the SVG node. Would I have to double-click the SVG node first for the undo actions to work?

It's happened to me a few times, but I'll try and reproduce it if it happens again. The graph I have is pretty big, takes a while to load, it's connected to other graphs.

-In the 3D view, is it possible to pause or temporarily disconnect the outputs to just edit the texture maps without having it load it to the 3D view?
-Also, similar to zooming to a node press F, is there a key to zoom in a mesh to fit the window in the 3D view?
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I'm not sure I understand your issue with the normal map.
For the SVG, it happened to me too lately, we will try to pinpoint the issue.

About the 3d View, I guess the easiest way to go about it would be to disconnect the last link just before the output node so it doesn't calculate and update everything every time you modify a parameter.

I'll show some images of what I was going for as far as the normal map issue. I did a work around for it but I was wondering if there's a proper way to in doing it, the way I did may be tedious.

I used an SVG to cut a mask of a normal map.

I wanted to stretch it horizontally. Increasing the width too much caused it to have blurry or faded edges. The Transformation2D covers the whole canvas, though.

I highlighted in red what I was wondering if SD can do. It it possible to scale the Transformation2D editing edges around a masked/premultipied node?

On the graph above, the other work around I did was to move it slightly to the side, and blend it with the previous result, and kept repeating it to a result I was fine with.

This is what I was going for.
If there's a different work around for this or a proper way to do this in SD, that'd be great.

Anthony Garcellano | Environment Artist

This is too much...
At first you was right using stretch at first place... Then use transform 2d again to downscale it back to correct scale... Active tiles in horizon. A single node for this. Heh.


Whoa whoa... What the size is that the source for this normal map?!
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It's basing off of a bake texture at 2048x2048. The file is pretty heavy. Thanks for mentioning the active tiles.. I just looked up in the library and found the Make It Tile Patch :/ I'm pretty sure with adjusting the setting on that filter, it would make the process quicker.
Anthony Garcellano | Environment Artist

Are you going use whole 2048x2048? It should be fine if you have another normal map scatter around this little part of normal map...
If not then you will need crop it off. Can be done using any imagine editor like gimp or photoshop. Don't know if substance designer can crop bitmap?

After crop useless normal map off and keep just what you need but it is not 2048. Don't worry!
Set up this bitmap using substance designer scale child/parent to off, so it won't follow child/parent scale.

Thanks for the tip daniel_3DIM. For that texture, I did need to crop off just that one piece. The cropping tool was the one I was looking for in SD, like having it cropped to an SVG or alpha channel when it blends on another node.

I did make a quick test and cropped a duplicate texture file, keeping only the height, and tightened the width, so it was at 64x2048, rgba. There's additional normal maps I added done on SD, which was 2048x2048 and placed on the map according to the UV map. I tested both the Relative to Scale option and Absolute option to get the result I need. It definitely works the way I wanted to, the result was quicker.

I did another test where I cropped another duplicate of the texture file, to the area where I need only, so it was at 64x512. For the additional normal maps that are placed on an area for the UV map, I made an SVG node to mask that portion only. It's still 2048x2048 on that node, but the alpha is on cutting off an area in the map. I was looking into possibly blending the 64x512 on top of the 2048x2048 map to the area where I need it. I'm a bit stuck at doing it this way, or this is probably an incorrect way to do it.

The previous test where the crop image kept the height of the original map worked great and was able to just mask only the area needed.

Anthony Garcellano | Environment Artist

Here you go.

Whoa, thanks daniel_3DIM! I just looked over the Transformation2D node, removed H and V tiling, and changed the Matte Color for the BG to match the normal map base color. Adjusted the Height and Width to where I needed.

Here's the result. I'm masking them to add onto other normal map patches in the graph. Similar and doable result.

Here's the result on the original one I have.

Thanks again daniel_3DIM!
Anthony Garcellano | Environment Artist

Your welcome. Less node the better ;)