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Hey everyone; I've been searching google, yet a solution refuses to present itself. It may or may not be a problem with Substance Designer. I have a feeling it maybe my model.

Anyway when I go to bake a normal map all I get is this:

Solutions I've tried: Removing doubles, checking for non-manifold areas and making sure the normals are facing the right way. Yet I still get this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  ;D

Hi Zimc,

You should bake the normal map from your low poly (using your high poly informations). Here, what you do (I guess :) ), is that you bake your normal map from your high poly, and this one haven't any UVs.

Right click on your low poly, select "Bake model information". Then select "Normal Map from Mesh", and set your high definition mesh.
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Do a Search on this forum, plenty good example here.

@gelbuilding, Yes, I did search before making the first post.

@Gaetan Lassagne. Thank you! I finally got the thing to work, Here's what I had done: I had tried baking from the lowpoly before and got the same result, however I had been using "use cage file" option, I turned it to 'false' and bingo I got it working. Much Appreciated.  8)