Author Topic: Tile Generator - Can't edit function  (Read 2362 times)

I'm trying to create a function to edit the Number X and Number Y values on a Tile Generator node. However, I can't set any of the nodes in the editor to output nodes, it is grayed out. Is there a reason for this?

Hi Dave,

It must be because of the type: the "Number_X" (and "Number_Y") parameters of the Tile Generator use an integer 1 value.
If your function output a float, or an integer 2 for example, it will not fit. You can use the "Cast" (if you need to convert from float to integer) or "Vector=>Swizzle Integer 1" (if you want to get an integer 1 from an integer 2) for example.
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Ah that was it, thank you! I wasn't even thinking about data type.

What is the best way to reference a value of another node? IE: the intensity value of a Directional Blur node.

The best way is to create a graph parameter (select the graph and click on the "+" icon in "Input Parameters"), and to use a "Get" node (in "Variables" when you are in a function) to use it.
Then you can drive several nodes with the same parameter. You can use a function if you need a different intensity/type depending on the node.
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Ah yes, that seems to have worked much better. Thanks for the help!